High Purity Alumina Ceramic Tube 发布时间:2017-08-30 10:23:46

it is widely used in thermocouple protections and some are used in furnaces. We could design both open for two ends, and one open, the other closed. Also we could make with 2 or 4 holes in the tube. The size ranges from 3mm to 180mm for O.D., and the length is from 10mm to 3000mm. We can also design upon the customers' detailed requirements.

Selection of a variety of high-quality ceramic materials, hot, dry-pressed or injection molding, from high-temperature sintering of alumina ceramic tubes, alumina ceramic rods (which can be mechanical or electronic finishing, the tolerances up to +/- 0.01mm.), high hardness, insulation, wear-resistant, high temperature-resistant, hot and cold shock-resistant. Customers can request a special size and production.